I Play Futbol

I’ve started playing soccer and my Daddy took a video of my first game. He took pictures of my second game. He has no excuse for why he never posted anything during basketball season. I played for the Warriors then. My soccer team is called the Maroon Stars. We got a lot better from game one to game two, but we’re having a lot of fun.

Here’s Daddy’s video from the first game:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AfujAoX5TQ]

And here’s some pictures from our game today:


I Got To Meet A Police Man!

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2485589758[/flickr]My Geike and cousin Taylor came to stay with us this week. On Friday, Geike took us to meet a real police man. We got badges and everything. I even got to sit in the driver’s seat of a real police car. Mommy took some good pictures.

We had fun all week. We went to the Fun Dome where Geike even went down the big slide. Everyone took a lot of pictures of Katie, of course. You can see all of those pictures over on her website. But the galleries of the police man are right here.



Derby Parties, Zoos and My Cousins

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2469846156[/flickr]All the hullaballoo lately has been about my new baby sister. She’s pretty cute, but she doesn’t talk or play with me yet. Fortunately, I have cousins.

This weekend, Zack, Brandon, Noah, Halley, Riley and Bella all came up to Nana and Poppa’s house for Nana’s Kentucky Derby Cousins Party. We cooked food and snacked in the den, which Poppa normally doesn’t like for us to do.

I also rode by bike around the circle.

Then we went to the zoo and met Sophie on Sunday. It was fun. Daddy and Mommy took lots of pictures, so here they are. And if you’re looking for pictures of Katie, she has her own website at KatieFalls.com.


Daddy's Fixing Pictures & Here's Some Snow Shots


My Daddy has been trying to fix the pictures on my website now for a while. He’s finally figured it out. Now, you’ll see a “Photo” tab up on top, which is different from the “Galleries” tab. The “Photo” one takes you to new galleries using my Flickr pictures. They work a lot like the old “Galleries” ones, that will stay until he converts all of my pictures to Flickr, only the galleries are easier for him to manage. Whatever that means.

The photo gallery from a big snow we had last month is below. Angie and I went sledding on the hill behind my house. It was a lot of fun!

We’ve got more pictures coming and we’re getting the house ready for Katie. My new baby sister is just four weeks away from being born. I can’t wait!



Pancakes With Santa Claus

Mommy and Daddy took me to see Santa Claus today. We had pancakes with him at the zoo. I got to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas. Daddy has a video of it he’ll put up this weekend sometime. In the meantime, there are some pictures up now in the Grant Galleries.

Daddy has been slacking again. He finally put up pictures from Brandon’s birthday skating party where I learned to roller skate, some from the day my buddy Nate and me went to Bardstown to the train museum and some other Christmas pictures decorating Nana’s house.

The Christmas pictures have Uncle Steve’s birthday picture and some taken Saturday of me playing cars and trucks with Uncle Dick, who is in town with Aunt Judy for Christmas. Daddy promises he’ll add the Christmas pictures faster this time. Almost everybody in the family is going to be here. I can’t wait!


Baseball and Football and My Geike

My Geike is in town this weekend and today we went to the Louisville Slugger museum. I got to see how they make baseball bats. They have a big, tall bat outside that my Daddy’s boss won some big award for. My daddy works with the people at Louisville Slugger at his job.

We had a lot of fun. We went for ice cream after.

Daddy put up some pictures from today and some pictures mommy took last weekend when I went to my first Georgetown College football game. Georgetown lost the game, but we had a lot of fun playing football beside the stadium. Daddy says he will take me back to more Georgetown games and we’ll get to meet all the coaches.

So go see the pictures in the Galleries and leave comments. We love comments!


Geike, Cousins, Trucks & A Big Boy Bed

My, it has been a busy couple of weeks. Daddy has added new photo galleries because of all the goings on.

First, there’s a visit from my Geike and cousin Taylor. Geike brought a book with chalkboards in it. She supervised while me and Taylor drew in it. She also gave us a bath and watched TV with us. My Geike sure is a lot of fun.

Geike and Taylor also went to the zoo with my other cousins. Zack, Brandon, Noah, Halley and Riley all went with us too. Oh yeah. Uncle Steve and Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle and Mommy and Daddy were there. We saw lots of animals and then went to the splash park to cool off. Daddy got overheated and had to go sit in the shade. Uncle Steve said he was a wussy, whatever that means.

The day before Geike and Taylor came, my other cousins and I went to the Frazier Arms Museum to see the dragon exhibit. I showed off my considerable baseball skills with the tee ball game in front of the Louisville Slugger museum. Zack and Noah jousted, whatever that means. We had ice cream and lots of fun.

Then there were the cars and trucks I saw over in Clarksville two weeks ago. There were UPS trucks and fire trucks and a police boat and a street sweeper. Daddy fell out of a coal truck trying to keep me from falling. He landed flat on his back and hit his head on the ground. I was scared, but he was okay. The people there almost called a real ambulance to come get him. He’s hard headed, though.

There are also some pictures in there of my Art Cars that I created at the Art Car Show last month. We only took a couple of pictures that day, so daddy included them in this gallery.

But the coolest thing about the newest pictures are my BIG BOY BED!!! I got a new fire truck toddler bed and don’t sleep in a crib anymore. I’m a Big Boy!!! There’s some pictures of me snuggling with Daddy one morning, too.

The Galleries are all linked from the Grant Gallery page found here. Or you can click on the links where I talk about them.

Enjoy and be sure to leave comments. I love comments.