T-Ball Season Has Begun!

Well, at long last I have finally begun playing t-ball.  Not that I didn’t enjoy basketball and soccer, but Daddy wants me to grow up to be a baseball player, so I’d better get started.  I even told Daddy tonight that I wanted to go to baseball school – he said boarding school, but I am not sure what that is.  I had my first t-ball game last Saturday (June 27).  My team is the White Sox, which makes no sense to me because our shirts are black, and we played the Red Sox.  My Nana came to the game to help watch Katie and she was a little torn since her favorite team is the Red Sox, but I heard her cheering for me.  I made the first out of the game!  There were 3 innings and everyone got to bat each time so, I scored three runs!  One day I hope to be such a good player that my teammates carry me off the field.  Mom keeps telling me to just have fun.  Perhaps I can have both!


One thought on “T-Ball Season Has Begun!”

  1. The best pro baseball players are the ones who are still having fun playing baseball instead of playing baseball to have fun doing other things they have no business doing in the first place. So have fun playing ball!

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