My Big Boy Baseball Bedroom

Since I’m going to be the big brother now, Mommy and Daddy told me they wanted to give me a big boy bedroom. Daddy worked all weekend, got some help from Poppa and a present from Granddaddy and on Wednesday night, I slept in my big boy bedroom for the first time.

Here’s Daddy’s video showing the before and after.

My bedroom is SOOOOOO cool.


3 thoughts on “My Big Boy Baseball Bedroom”

  1. What happened to my bed? Did you put it in the garage and I get to sleep out there? Or can I just sleep in the firetruck bed, too. I got in in once just because Grant thought I was too big and couldn’t, so I had to show him. But I don’t think I could make it all night, even if he would share.

    Fabulous job, guys! When are you coming to do my place? Actually, I always wanted the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy bunch to do my place (and Carson to do my clothes), but you all are probably cheaper if you’re available.

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