First Day of Kindergarten!

Well today is the day we have all been waiting for (well mainly Mommy).  The first day of all day Kindergarten!  School started this morning at 7:55am and Mommy and Katie will pick Grant up at 2:45pm.  Grant said he was a little nervous, but seemed fine going into school this morning.  His friend Logan is in his class and Adriana from last year’s class sits across from him at his table.  He packed blue blankie and his new bear Army into his backpack along with his Spiderman lunch box and was ready to go.  There were no tears (on either side)  just a couple of big hugs and kisses from Mommy, Daddy, and Katie.  Katie was a little confused when Grant didn’t get back in the car with us, but she is currently enjoying playing with Grant’s Legos so all is good.  We’ll see how everyone is doing at 2:45pm.



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