LegoFest Louisville

Grant and the HulkGrant and a big lego dudeI'm BatmanReady, Set, Go!Grant navigating the race courseGrant and his remote control race car
Grant with another characterNeat cityscapeLego prison? Really?Cute hedgehog from the zooGrant petting a hedgehogGrant and the Ninja
Grant with some characterMore practicePracticing for ChimaGrant ready for ChimaGrant playing the Chima game

LegoFest Louisville, a set on Flickr.

Daddy and I went to LegoFest on Saturday. It was awesome! I got a couple of police sets to almost complete what I have from the city. I got to see a bunch of neat Lego set-ups and even got to compete with the Chima racer.

Oh, and I ran into Molly, who was there with her dad and brother. We made Heroes together for a little bit.

It was awesome!