The Bunk Beds Arrived!

The bunk beds arrived yesterday!  Grant and Katie had a lot of fun checking them out.  Grant has the top bunk and when Katie makes the transition out of the crib, she will sleep on the bottom.  We are looking to move Jason’s office into Katie’s room after the first of the year.  With a little coaxing, Grant slept in the top bunk last night.  And with a few extra prayers from mom, he did not fall out.

A Day at Bernheim

The kids and I took a trip down to Bernheim Forest last Friday to enjoy the beautiful fall weather with Megan, Sophie, and Eli.  We played awhile in the Children’s Play Garden, had a picnic lunch, and walked the Two Ponds Loop.  We picked wild flowers and saw a turtle swimming in the pond.  It was a beautiful day and it was magical watching the children playing in the fields as I sat chatting with Meg.  It was the kind of day when I counted my blessings.

These pictures do not do this trip any justice.  But it is amusing that I could only get one child’s attention at a time.