A Ballgame To Remember For The Boy

Today was an historic day for Grant Falls. In a 23-16 win over the Lyndon Bees, they boy went 3-for-4 with a run, a double and three RBI, including the first game-winning RBI of his career. As if that weren’t enough, he completed an unassisted double play in the third, catching a pop fly and tagging out the unwitting runner at second.

Everyone on the team played great as, for the first time, the Storm had solid defense and offense. We turned two double plays as a team, which might be a first for 5-6-year-old coach pitch league play.

Grant's First Coach Pitch Baseball Game

The Lyndon Storm took the field tonight for the first time against the Lookouts.  Grant was the first batter in the lineup.  He had three at bats tonight.  The first at bat he was tagged out at first, but the other two bats were base hits.  He scored two runs.  The Storm lost 16-18, but the team had a great time playing and are ready for their next game on Saturday.  Nana, Poppa, Mommy, Katie, and Angie were all there for the game.   Daddy was out of town, but we called him as soon as we got home to relay all the big events.  Go STORM!

Grant Lost His First Tooth

Grant lost his first tooth on the second day of school (August 20th), mommy is just a little slow in posting the pictures.  The tooth had been loose for about a month.  He came in our room one morning saying that his tooth was “bent”.  It took me several minutes to realize what this meant.  He was wigged out by it being loose, but seems fine now that it is gone.  The tooth fairy brought him a dollar!

Arg! It's Pirate Day!

Mommy, Daddy, Katie, Geike and me went to the Frazier Museum this morning for Pirate Day. There were lots of people dressed like pirates, even grown ups, because they were trying to break some world record for people dressed like Pirates. There were bouncies and activities, too. 

We even saw one of the Slugger Museum workers dressed in a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. Daddy gave her a high-five.

Geike bought me a Maccaw puppet and Katie and I colored and saw lots of old coins and other stuff from real Pirate ships. They even had swords and guns.

It was fun, especially seeing all those grown ups dressed up like Pirates. Arg!