First Day in the New School

[flickr]photo:3857616036[/flickr]Last Wednesday was the first day of school.  I am now in the Preschool 4 class.  But not only that, we are in a brand new building so I had to learn everything all over again.  Mommy and I went to orientation on Monday night and I met a few of the new kids in my class.  There are 20 kids in my class and only 5 of them were in my class last year.  So I have 14 new names to learn.  My other old classmates are in the other Pre-K 4 class so I see them on the playground.  My new school is really pretty and bright.  We also have new special classes like art and gym.  I get to go up to the 2nd floor for art class. But I told the teacher on the first day that I don’t like to get messy which is why I didn’t like finger painting.  Next month I’ll have music and spanish and then library and computers.  I am very excited about school and the new building.  But I don’t like that it starts earlier.  Mom says I have been grumpy about getting up in the morning.  She thinks I haven’t noticed that she is putting me to bed earlier but I do.  Oh well – school is fun. 


Big Red Comes to Louisville

[flickr]photo:3786285147[/flickr]Well after much anticipation, Big Red finally came to Louisville on July 21.  For those of you who don’t know, Big Red is my Granddad’s Funnel Cake business. He set up shop on the Belvedere in downtown Louisville and then he made a bunch of food for Daddy’s Social Media Club meeting.  But I got to work – and I got a quarter tip.  It was way cool and way yummy.  Cousin Zack  and Cousin Brandon also worked.  Katie liked the funnel cake too, but she really like Grandma Peggy’s lemonade (that Zack made that day).  All in all it was quite a day![flickr]set:72157621937796192[/flickr]