A Boy's Dream

I rode on an ATV.  I creek stomped.  I rode a horse.  What more can I say?  I was in heaven. [flickr]photo:3689469823[/flickr][flickr]photo:3690278696[/flickr]

 Thanks Angie.  Thanks Mrs. and Mrs. Kalb.


My Summer Vacation with Geike

[flickr]photo:3688832042[/flickr]Oh my gosh!  What a great trip mommy, Taylor, and I had last week with Geike.  Last Sunday Geike drove us to the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati. Our room had a Wolf Den where there were bunk beds for Taylor and I (of course the first night we both wanted to sleep with Geike, but it was fun to play on the bunk beds).  The hotel had a huge indoor water park which we checked out right after dinner Sunday night.  There were twelve slides, although I only tried out 5.  On Monday we walked over to Kings Island to meet Sponge Bob.  Taylor was so excited.  On Sunday she kept asking if we were at Sponge Bob’s house yet and when Geike said no she told Geike this was taking way too long.  But at long last we made it.  First we saw Dora, Boots, and Diego.  But then we found Sponge Bob ( as well as Little Bill and some one I didn’t know – I think Taylor said he was Cosmos).  Anyway – we rode lots of rides and had so much fun.  I tried 3 times to go into Scooby’s Haunted Castle, but I kept getting scared while in line.  Maybe next year I will be able to do it.  By the end of the day we were all so tired – mommy and Geike had to carry us back to the room.  After some dinner mommy decided I looked sick as well as tired and took me to a kids urgent care.  The nurse stuck a long stick down my throat – yuck – and then the doctor said I had pink eye and strep and said I couldn’t go swimming tomorrow.  I was sooooo sad![flickr]photo:3687989445[/flickr] Tuesday I stayed in pajamas most of the day.  Mommy went to the Dr. too and they said she was sick – so she and I took a nap while Geike and Taylor went swimming.  Tuesday night we did get to go to storytime at the Clock Tower and then played a few arcade games before bed.  On Wednesday I was feeling much better so we said good-bye to Wiley the Wolf and headed to the Newport Aquarium.[flickr]photo:3688769132[/flickr]  Although we weren’t able to pet the penguins, Taylor did pet a shark.  I chose not to pet him.  Again, maybe next time.  Wow what a trip! 



T-Ball Season Has Begun!

Well, at long last I have finally begun playing t-ball.  Not that I didn’t enjoy basketball and soccer, but Daddy wants me to grow up to be a baseball player, so I’d better get started.  I even told Daddy tonight that I wanted to go to baseball school – he said boarding school, but I am not sure what that is.  I had my first t-ball game last Saturday (June 27).  My team is the White Sox, which makes no sense to me because our shirts are black, and we played the Red Sox.  My Nana came to the game to help watch Katie and she was a little torn since her favorite team is the Red Sox, but I heard her cheering for me.  I made the first out of the game!  There were 3 innings and everyone got to bat each time so, I scored three runs!  One day I hope to be such a good player that my teammates carry me off the field.  Mom keeps telling me to just have fun.  Perhaps I can have both!


Grant's 4th Birthday

[flickr]photo:3687504220[/flickr]So although my fourth birthday was in March, I am just getting around to uploading the pictures- mommy has started helping me and well – you know how it goes.  This year I had a police theme for my birthday (last year was firetrucks).  We had a police cake, police stickers, and everyone got to make their own police hat.  We also had a police car pinata that was really fun to break open.  When it broke open there were green bubble gum coins and gold chocolate coins – yummy!  Geike and Taylor came as well as Uncle Mike, Aunt Michelle and all the cousins, and Nana and Papa.  My friend Nathan came with his brother Trent and Miss Amy and Mr. Kevin.  Sophie came with Meme and Angie was there too.  We had a great time.  By late afternoon we were even able to play outside a little – which is good because I had some work to do catching bad guys.