Let's Goooooooo Mountaineers!

[flickr style=”float: right”]photo:2889524089[/flickr]I told Daddy I wanted a football helmet. We went to a store here in Louisville and bought a whole uniform, but it was too big for me and one of the pieces was missing once we opened it all at the house. So, we took it back but they didn’t have all the pieces. So Daddy said he would order me one.

It came in last week and now I’ve got my very own West Virginia uniform, with the helmet and everything.

And since the last time we updated stuff on the site, there’s been a bunch of new pictures added to our Flickr page. You should probably go subscribe to that page to get updates on pictures. Daddy puts them there but doesn’t always remember to put my stories up here on the blog.

Here are some sets of pictures. They don’t display right on the website, or so Daddy says. If you want to see all the different sets of pictures, you can click here to see the sets on Flickr.