Today Was My First Day Of School

Believe it or not, I go to school now. Well, preschool anyway. Today was my first day. I wasn’t really all that scared, even when Mommy and Daddy left. I stayed for three and a half hours and played, had snacks, read books and got to know my new teacher, Mrs. Howard.

[flickr style=”float: right”]photo:2761897936[/flickr]Of course, Daddy took pictures. He and Mommy were excited, but didn’t cry or anything. I guess I’m a bigger boy than I thought. I guess Mommy and Daddy are, too.

There are also new pictures of my trip to Pikeville and Logan to see Geike and Taylor. Aunt Amy and Uncle Morgan were there and we went to Logan to see the O’Briants and Hatchers. Maci played Annie in the musical play. I sat through the whole thing. Marli was in it to. So was Erica and Uncle Bo. Aunt Diana was on stage too. I think she’s in charge of it.

Then there are pictures of me and Taylor on a real train and fire trucks and ambulances. Mommy took some silly pictures of me taking a bath, too. If you ever just want to look at our pictures, you can go to our Flickr page at Daddy updates the pictures before even the website.








Pictures Update From The Falls Family

[flickr style=”float: right”]photo:2715949386[/flickr]Daddy keeps getting busy and forgetting to update our pictures. He does a good job of putting them on Flickr but forgets to put them on the blog. So if you go to our Flickr page from time-to-time, you’ll probably see updated pictures every now and then. (Click here to go to the Flickr page. Bookmark it so you remember.)

So, there are a ton of pictures below. We’ve taken a bunch of new ones of my sister, Katie. Daddy and Katie are in a video on Katie’s blog that Mommy filmed on Friday. You can see that video here.

Enjoy the pictures. We’ll try to keep Daddy on track next time we take pictures.


Some Random Grant and Katie Pictures


Sophie’s 2nd Birthday Party


Our Trip To Evansville To See The Standridge’s