My Sister Is Here!!!

My sister Katie is here! She was born on Saturday night after I went to sleep. When I woke up Sunday, Nana and Poppa took me to the hospital and I got to see my new baby sister!


[flickr style=”float: none”]photo:2427429242[/flickr]


Daddy has already set up a website for Katie. It’s at You can go there and subscribe to updates via email or RSS feeds, whatever they are. You can subscribe to my blog that way, too. That’s what that box is over there on the right hand side at the top.

Here are some links to picture galleries on my website. They are the same galleries that are on Katie’s website, too. So, if you’ve seen them there, you won’t see anything different here.

But some people are wondering who Katie looks like. As you can tell from above, I think she kinda looks like me.

Here’s a link to all of our family pictures on Flickr.


    Here’s the Gallery of her first day:

    [flickr align=”center”]set:72157604630742366[/flickr]

    Isn’t she cute?!

    Getting Ready For Katie

    [flickr style=”float: right”]photo:2421020096[/flickr]My Mommy is just three weeks away from having to go to the hospital and get my new baby sister, Katie. So my Poppa and I decided Katie’s room, which is my old room, needed a fresh coat of paint. So I helped my Poppa paint my sister’s room.

    Daddy added the pictures to our “Photo” album. You can see the photo album below. Daddy is also adding all the pictures from my Galleries to Flickr as well. I don’t know what that means, but he says our pictures will be more cool and easy to see then.

    Oh, and I don’t want to give it away, but Daddy is also building a website for Katie, too.


    Daddy's Fixing Pictures & Here's Some Snow Shots


    My Daddy has been trying to fix the pictures on my website now for a while. He’s finally figured it out. Now, you’ll see a “Photo” tab up on top, which is different from the “Galleries” tab. The “Photo” one takes you to new galleries using my Flickr pictures. They work a lot like the old “Galleries” ones, that will stay until he converts all of my pictures to Flickr, only the galleries are easier for him to manage. Whatever that means.

    The photo gallery from a big snow we had last month is below. Angie and I went sledding on the hill behind my house. It was a lot of fun!

    We’ve got more pictures coming and we’re getting the house ready for Katie. My new baby sister is just four weeks away from being born. I can’t wait!