I’m 3! I’m 3!

[flickr]photo:2357161560[/flickr]Friday was my birthday. I’m three-years-old now. It was a little confusing though because we started celebrating my birthday on Wednesday night when Angie came over for dinner. She was going out of town and couldn’t come to my party Saturday, so she brought presents then. On Thursday night, my Nana and Poppa came over and we had dinner and I got to open my big present. Mommy and Daddy and Nana and Poppa got me the biggest, coolest train set ever. It’s the one I’ve been telling Mommy I want when we see it at the store.

On my birthday, my Geike and cousin Taylor came to play with me. I love my Geike and Tay-Tay. We played and read stories and they stayed the night, too.

On Saturday, Geike, Taylor, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Poppa, Uncle Steve, Uncle Mike and my cousins Zack and Brandon and Noah and Halley, and Mike and May-May and Sophie and even Molly all the way from Birmingham, came to my house and we had a big party. I had a firetruck cake and we played with my train set and I got more presents!

And after all the cake and ice cream and stuff all week long, when I woke up on Sunday morning, I got a basket full of candy from the Easter Bunny, too! Daddy said I’m going to have pimples. I don’t know what they are, but these candies are so good, I’m sure they’ll be worth it!

So, Daddy has a new way of doing my picture galleries. I don’t understand how they work, but they’re right here on the story and not on another website. There is a birthday gallery and an Easter gallery. He said he’s putting them all on Flickr now, whatever that means. The Galleries that are online won’t go away anytime soon and when they do, they’ll just move somewhere else. Maybe when he does that I’ll let him write on my blog and explain it all.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and presents and called and stuff. I had such a Happy Birthday, I can’t imagine how four will be any better.

—– grantfalls


NOTE: Daddy is trying to fix the picture galleries. In the meantime, visit our new Flickr page here.