My Big Boy Baseball Bedroom

Since I’m going to be the big brother now, Mommy and Daddy told me they wanted to give me a big boy bedroom. Daddy worked all weekend, got some help from Poppa and a present from Granddaddy and on Wednesday night, I slept in my big boy bedroom for the first time.

Here’s Daddy’s video showing the before and after.

My bedroom is SOOOOOO cool.


I'm The Big Brother!!!

When I woke up this morning, Mommy and Daddy had a present for me. It was a shirt with a dinosaur on it that said, “I’m The Big Brother.” I didn’t know why they would give me that shirt. I’m not anybody’s big brother.

Then they told me I was going to be. Mommy has a baby growing in her belly. We went to the doctor’s office and they put Mommy on a table and rubbed a machine across her belly. Me and Daddy watched on the TV screen and there you could see a little baby. I saw its heart beating and everything. Then it moved!

The nurse looked around for a while and even made Mommy get up and walk around, then come back. Finally, Daddy leaned over and and told the baby to cooperate, whatever that means. And the nurse said, “It’s a girl!”

I’m going to have a little sister! I’m so excited. Mommy and Daddy said her name is going to be Katie.

Daddy put up some pictures, but said the ultrasound pictures don’t look very good because he had to take a picture of the pictures. We don’t have a scanner. I told Daddy that would be okay. We would ask for a scanner for Katie’s birthday.

Mommy is supposed to have Katie in May. In the meantime, I’ve got to get online and do some research. I don’t know how to be a big brother yet. But I’ll be ready.