Baby Bella & More Pictures

My baby cousin Bella Kenzie Spooner was born on Monday, Oct. 22. I got to go in and see her when she was only an hour old. Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle were at the hospital. I went down and played with my cousins all day while we waited for the baby to come. Mommy took pictures.Bella is small. She came out of Aunt Michelle’s belly. I pretended like I was going to have a baby all day and had a dinosaur in my shirt. When baby Bella was born, I took the dinosaur out of my shirt and he was born!

Mommy and Daddy keep acting like something else is going on with babies, but I don’t know what they’re grinning at each other about. Just to be sure I told Daddy if he and Mommy were going to have another baby, I wanted a brother … and a sister. He said he thought I could only have one or the other. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to order.

Daddy also put up some pictures from our trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum to see the Roberto Clemente exhibit. He was a baseball player for our favorite team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The have a big exhibit at the museum this month and on Sunday, they had Latin dancing, food and music, plus face painting and coloring and everything. It was fun.

There are also pictures of me and Sophie and my cousins going to Boo at the Zoo. We trick or treated and I got lots of candy.

And Daddy also put up some pictures of Geike and me and Mommy and Daddy just hanging around the house.

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Baseball and Football and My Geike

My Geike is in town this weekend and today we went to the Louisville Slugger museum. I got to see how they make baseball bats. They have a big, tall bat outside that my Daddy’s boss won some big award for. My daddy works with the people at Louisville Slugger at his job.

We had a lot of fun. We went for ice cream after.

Daddy put up some pictures from today and some pictures mommy took last weekend when I went to my first Georgetown College football game. Georgetown lost the game, but we had a lot of fun playing football beside the stadium. Daddy says he will take me back to more Georgetown games and we’ll get to meet all the coaches.

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