I'm A Singing Superstar

Daddy had the camera rolling the other night at dinner and I was singing songs. So he put together another Being Grant video.

He also put up another photo gallery of me and my friend Nate going to the Zoo. There are some pictures of my Halloween outfit in there, too. I’ve been wearing it a couple days a week just because. Who wouldn’t want to be a fireman?



—– grantfalls

Let's Goooooo Mountaineers!

My Aunt Diana and Uncle Bo sent me new WVU shirts this week. West Virginia is our favorite college football team because Uncle Bo and Daddy both went to school there. I’m named after my Uncle Bo, but my name’s not Bo. It’s Eric Grant Falls. His first name is Eric, too.

Aunt Diana sent me two WVU shirts. I picked the biggest one to wear Saturday for the WVU-Marshall game. Daddy and I watched West Virgina win. They are 2-0 now and ranked No. 3. I don’t know what all that means, but they’re good.

Daddy put up pictures Mommy took of us watching the game so Aunt Di could see. If you haven’t seen the new round of pictures from Geike and the cousins last weekend, you can click on my Galleries page and see the links to them.

Oh, and Daddy fixed a bunch of the Gallery pages that weren’t working right. All the pictures should be back up now.

Enjoy and leave comments!


Geike, Cousins, Trucks & A Big Boy Bed

My, it has been a busy couple of weeks. Daddy has added new photo galleries because of all the goings on.

First, there’s a visit from my Geike and cousin Taylor. Geike brought a book with chalkboards in it. She supervised while me and Taylor drew in it. She also gave us a bath and watched TV with us. My Geike sure is a lot of fun.

Geike and Taylor also went to the zoo with my other cousins. Zack, Brandon, Noah, Halley and Riley all went with us too. Oh yeah. Uncle Steve and Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle and Mommy and Daddy were there. We saw lots of animals and then went to the splash park to cool off. Daddy got overheated and had to go sit in the shade. Uncle Steve said he was a wussy, whatever that means.

The day before Geike and Taylor came, my other cousins and I went to the Frazier Arms Museum to see the dragon exhibit. I showed off my considerable baseball skills with the tee ball game in front of the Louisville Slugger museum. Zack and Noah jousted, whatever that means. We had ice cream and lots of fun.

Then there were the cars and trucks I saw over in Clarksville two weeks ago. There were UPS trucks and fire trucks and a police boat and a street sweeper. Daddy fell out of a coal truck trying to keep me from falling. He landed flat on his back and hit his head on the ground. I was scared, but he was okay. The people there almost called a real ambulance to come get him. He’s hard headed, though.

There are also some pictures in there of my Art Cars that I created at the Art Car Show last month. We only took a couple of pictures that day, so daddy included them in this gallery.

But the coolest thing about the newest pictures are my BIG BOY BED!!! I got a new fire truck toddler bed and don’t sleep in a crib anymore. I’m a Big Boy!!! There’s some pictures of me snuggling with Daddy one morning, too.

The Galleries are all linked from the Grant Gallery page found here. Or you can click on the links where I talk about them.

Enjoy and be sure to leave comments. I love comments.