More Vacation And More Zoo

My Daddy finally added pictures of my first boat trip which was on the last round of pictures from my vacation. There are pictures of Ed and Pinkie’s dog and me, Daddy and Uncle Steve eating ice cream in Watch Hill.

Daddy also put up pictures of my trip to the zoo with Sophie and Josie from this week.

Daddy has also started doing movies on his website, so it won’t be long before he starts doing movies of me on my website. He’s trying to get me to act. I don’t know what that is, but he thinks I’m funny.

Enjoy the pictures.

Click here for the Grant Galleries.


Amo La Mia Famiglia Grande

I’m on vacation! My Mommy and Daddy took me back to Alabama where I was born last weekend. Daddy’s friend Leslie got married and we went to see a bunch of our friends while we were there. Daddy wrote a funny story about me and Molly, who we stayed with while we were there. You can read it on his website by clicking here.

While we were there, I got to play with my friend Braden. We played baseball and golf and ate hot dogs. He’s younger than me but we both like baseball and golf. He likes the Braves. I like the Pirates.

After we came back from Alabama, I got in Nana’s van with Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Uncle Steve. We drove a long time and in the middle of the night got to Uncle Al and Aunt Suzanne’s house in New Jersey. The next day, I got up and met my cousins Ashley and Madison and we went swimming.

We had the bestest time at Uncle Al and Aunt Suzanne’s house. Uncle Al is my Nana’s brother. I got to meet my cousins Traci and Orlando, who are Ashley and Madison’s mommy and daddy, my cousin Carla, my cousin Laura and Laura’s friend Kevin. We ate lobsters and watched movies and got back in the pool and everything. I got to go in Uncle Al’s Jacuzzi, too.

Oh, and there were bark-barks all over the place. Uncle Al and Aunt Suzanne have Maggie, who is a Dalmatian. Aunt Suzanne gave me a stuffed Dalmatian doll to take with me. I named her Maggie, too, so I could remember the real one. Traci had two dogs, too, named Bella and Spaz. There were lots of bark-barks.

Swimming in the pool and playing with my cousins was a lot of fun. But listening to Uncle Al pulling my leg was the most fun. He’s funny. He told me my Mommy broke his pool when she was little about 1,000 times. It sure didn’t look broke to me.

When we left Uncle Al and Aunt Suzanne’s house, we drove to Connecticut to see even more family. We went to Uncle Joe’s house. He’s my Mommy’s Godfather. He’s the daddy of Cousin John and Cousin Louisa who I met. Uncle Dick and Aunt Judy, my Nana’s other brother and sister-in-law, came to see me, too. I got my picture taken with my Uncle Steve, my Great Uncle Dick and my Great-Great Uncle Joe.

And that’s only half of it!

When we left Hartford we drove to Westerly, Rhode Island where my Nana grew up. We are staying with Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Pinkie and Ed. Pinkie is one of Nana’s Ya-Yas. I don’t know what that means but they’ve known each other a long time.

On Friday, I got to go to the beach for the very first time. Did you know the beach has like the biggest sandbox ever? Pinkie’s grandson Jack and I played in the sand all day. Jack is 4. I am 2. When he sat his beach chair next to Pinkie to each lunch, I sat my beach chair on her other side. When he put his juice box on one arm of her chair, I put mine on the other arm. I like Jack and I love the beach.

Mommy took me in the water. It was cold. I walked over to the jetty with my Daddy. We saw a duck dive under water and come up with a fish in its mouth.

The next day, Mr. Brown took me, Mommy and Daddy on a boat ride. We got to go to Mr. Brown’s Super Secret Cove where he goes fishing. I even told him to go fast. It was fun.

And there was more. I met Gai, who is another one of those Ya-Ya people of Nana’s, and her daughter Raeann. We met Guy, who is a distant cousin who is a cook-cook and owns his own restaurant. He sure makes good spaghetti.

We still have a couple days left on our vacation, so it’s not over yet, but Daddy put up some picture galleries for everyone to see.

There’s pictures from my trip to Alabama, then ones from our time at Uncle Al and Aunt Suzanne’s house, then more from Uncle Joe’s house, then even more from Westerly. Daddy will put up more and I’ll write you another story when we get home on Tuesday. Go to the Grant Galleries to see all those, plus a play date gallery from when my friend Nate came over a couple weeks ago.

My Daddy told me to tell you if family is like money, then we’re filthy stinking rich. And I’m having a good time meeting all my aunts, uncles and cousins, too.